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Fault creep and salt ductility: analysis of borehole station data for the 2018 earthquake swarm in the Kinneret pull-apart baisn

O. Barnea Cohen, R. Hofstetter, Y. Hamiel, S. Cesca, T. Dahm, and A. Agnon

Corrected  Supporting Information: 

Multi-scale aeromagnetic UAV based survey for detecting magmatic and tectonic features

Buzaglo-Yoresh E., Agnon A. and Gavazzi B.

Dead Sea Stromatolite Reefs: A Testing Ground for Automated Detection of Life Forms and their Traces in Harsh Environments

Nuphar Gedulter, Amotz Agnon, Yaniv Darvasi, Noam Levin and Nicolas Francos.

GPR as a practical tool in archeology: The case of the Byzantine church of Ashdod-Yam

Yaniv Darvasi, Amotz Agnon and Alexander Fantalkin

Accessible remote sensing techniques for geo-archaeological research

Yaniv Darvasi, Ben Laugomer, Ido Shicht and Amotz Agnon

שימור אתרים גיאולוגים בסכנת הכחדה בישראל

- האחריות האתית של קהילת מדעי כדור הארץ

ליאור קמחג'י גפני, ניר אוריון, נורית שטובר-זיסו, עמוס סולומון, רותם אלינסון, ירון פינצי, חנן גינת, עמית מנדלסון ואריאל היימן

Dead Sea stromatolite reefs: hyperspectral remote sensing and the search for life in extreme enviroments

Nuphar Gedulter, Amotz Agnon, Yaniv Darvasi, Noam Levin and Nicolas Francos

Shear-wave velocity measurements and their uncertainties at six industrial sites

Yaniv Darvasi 

The role of laterally propagating crevices in the process of land sliding: Capturing field data by drone‐borne LiDAR and photogrammetry

Yaniv Darvasi, Ben Laugomer, Ido Shicht and Amotz Agnon

Dispersion Image Analysis: Active Vs. Passive

Yaniv Darvasi and Amotz Agnon

Neev Center for Geoinfomatics

Tectonic Movements Related to Initiation of Paleo-OCC in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Paleomagnetic Evidence.

Lior Kamhaji, Meir Abelson, Ron Shaar and Amotz Agnon

Evolution Of Normal Faults Based On Displacement Patterns: A Case Study From The Eastern Levant Basin, Israel

Nadav Navon, Amotz Agnon and Benjamin Medvedev

Satellite Derived Bathymetry: A Semi-Automatic Approach.

Levenson S., Hall J.K., Agnon A.

Mapping Active Faults from a 3D Model Based on Drone’s Photos: An Example from Ye’elim Creek, Dead Sea Escarpment.

Darvasi Y., Agnon A., Shemesh R.

Calibrating a new attenuation curve for the Dead Sea region using surface wave dispersion surveys in sites damaged by the 1927 Jericho earthquake.

Yaniv Darvasi and Amotz Agnon

Growth and demise of the coral reef at the Eilat Port reflecting sea level history and local tectonics.

Barnea O., Stein M., Shaked Y., Brickner, I., Agnon A. 

Compilation of a 100m bathymetric grid for the Arabian Plate; ​Red Sea, Arabian and Oman Seas and Persian Gulf.

John K. Hall and Shahar Levinson

3D Quantitative Seismic Fault Analysis: A Case Study from Offshore Israel.

Navon N., Agnon A., Medvedev B., Politi M.

Reverse and Forward 3D Kinematic Modeling of the Northern Negev Monoclines and Underlying Faults Since Triassic.

Inga Boianju and Amotz Agnon

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