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Mapping the Oceans and Seas

The oceans cover about 71% of Earth. The land area of Israel is about 22,000 km², and its marine areas another ~28,000 km².

As of 2015, the marine areas of Israel are mapped by multibeam sonar at grid resolutions between 2 and 20 m, depending upon depth. The offshore areas of Jordan in the Red and Dead Seas were also mapped.

The spatial component of the Neev Center includes ocean mapping, whether EMODnet for the Mediterranean, or GEBCO for the Arctic Ocean, and the Black and Caspian Seas. Most recently, focus is on completion of 100m grids for the Red and Arabian  Seas, the Persian, Oman, and Tadjourah Gulfs, and the Indian Ocean down to the Equator.

Students are encouraged to get involved in the marine geophysical activities now possible with completion of the research vessel R/V Bat Galim.

Students are also encouraged to be familiar with the marine geophysical library and extensive map resources available at the IOLR's Hall Map Archive in Haifa.

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