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The slide spans over 300 x 70 m^2 and the natural slope ranges 30-40°. While the decollement develops over the marine Cretaceous Moza Formation, the sliding mass is a chaotic amalgamation of carbonatic fragments, showing size up to several meters across. The fragments were derived from the Aminadav Formation that elsewhere conformably overlies Moza Formation. We interpret this to indicate that the slide is rejuvenating an older slide that formed during the incision of the topography several hundred thousands years ago, similarly to numerous sites on the Judean Hills. This slide was triggered by road excavations during the mid 1990’s.


We have discovered a 120 meters long crevice, with a meter scale aperture. The active crevice is circa 20 meters behind the scar at the head of the slide. Once the crack propagates the entire span of the slide, the next phase of downhill transport is ready to commence. Repeating surveys will permit monitoring of cervace and slide development.

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